Beach Read

To the person who placed a hold on this book at my local library. Sorry!! I was saving this one for my trip to the beach. I read Beach Read on a recent trip to Tybee Island. What is a “beach read”? What do you think constitutes a good “beach read”? This book definitely meets… Continue reading Beach Read

Tybee Island

Beachview Inn and Spa on Tybee Island For our 20th anniversary trip, we stayed at Beachview Inn and Spa on Tybee Island. The Inn is located on the South end of the island. We were just a block from the beach. Surprisingly, Beachview provided EVERYTHING: bikes, coolers, beach chairs, umbrellas. The backpack chairs especially came… Continue reading Tybee Island


We recently stayed on Tybee Island, Georgia. I love the beach, but wanted to visit Savannah as much as possible. For that reason, I wanted to go to Savannah on bad weather days and most evenings. Our first full day was spent on Tybee. The second day started off cloudy and the forecast said mostly… Continue reading Savannah

Downtown Paducah

That New Mexican Place… If you’re from the area then you know everyone was devastated when TriBeca, the only downtown Mexican restaurant closed. I LOVE downtown Paducah. I’m proud that we offer so many fine dining restaurants but we need some quick and cheap places to eat downtown as well. Lopez Mexican recently opened where… Continue reading Downtown Paducah

The Dilemma

I adored Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️). I frequently recommend it for anyone who loves a good thriller. The Dilemma, though just fell totally flat for me. No upcoming spoilers if you decide you still want to read it after my lackluster review, I promise. The Dilemma is about this mom who is… Continue reading The Dilemma

In A Different Key: The Story of Autism

I rarely read nonfiction. When I do, it’s typically a biography or memoir. So why did In A Different Key: The Story of Autism stand out to me? One reason is I’m a school psychologist so I frequently work with kids that have Autism. Another reason is more than half of my best friends have… Continue reading In A Different Key: The Story of Autism

Cold, Cold Heart

Synopsis of Cold Cold Heart: Dana Nolan is abducted by a serial killer and lives to tell about it. After returning home, battered and brain injured, she becomes obsessed with the mystery of her best friend’s disappearance. Is their a connection between their stories? Cold Cold Heart switches narratives between Dana’s story and John, Casey’s… Continue reading Cold, Cold Heart

Poca Terra Winery

I discovered last summer that there was another winery, less than 15 minutes from my house. I say another because Purple Toad Winery is also 15 minutes from my house. I was a wine virgin (unless Boone’s Hill counts as wine) when I started drinking their wines. Purple Toad wines are more syrupy sweet… Continue reading Poca Terra Winery

Tony’s On Main Street

This was my 2nd time visiting St. Charles but my first time eating at Tony’s on Main Street. This restaurant was the #1 rated restaurant and I can see why!! Service and Atmosphere at Tony’s On Main Street The service and food were both fantastic. The inside of Tony’s on Main Street is more… Continue reading Tony’s On Main Street